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A new FDA cleared device that has been extremely successful in the physical therapy market. Acute infections Erysipelas and cellulitis ( not cellulite). HIVAMAT® on breast tissue and pain in patients with secondary breast lymphedema. The pain scores were unaffected by treatment in the control group. REIßHAUER ( ) VISUAL analogue scale ( VAS).
The HIVAMAT works to shake up lymph fluid and proteins in the affected area much like sand in a glass of water, if sand is sitting at the bottom of the glass and you pour the water out, you will only see a little bit of sand come out with the water. LymphaTx is now using a state of the art modality called the HIVAMAT. The device creates an action of pulsating low- frequency, two- phase alternating electrostatic field generated between the physical therapist ’ s. DEEP OSCILLATION® HIVAMAT® 200. I use the larger Hivamat 200 unit every day, and love it. Lymphedema | HIVAMAT Lymphedema Treatment. Listen to William Griffith of PhysioMed North America explain the benefits of Hivamat Therapy in easy to understand language. Find great deals on eBay for hivamat. The bigger version involves two people - patient and therapist. HIVAMAT therapy is a great adjunct to the treatments that are already being done. This deep oscillation device soothes pain and relaxes muscles with minimal treatment pressure while your therapist uses the traditional Manual Lymph Drainage technique.
Hivamat pe coloana lombară. HIVAMAT Therapy is the MOST POWERFUL tool on the market for the instant reduction of pain, swelling and the increase in range of motion and it feels like a Spa Treatment. It allows for improved lymphatic flow and the elimination of toxins from the body. Why Use HIVAMAT Therapy?
Contraindications for Hivamat 200 therapy Acute inflammations with participation of pathogenic agents. Hivamat is an acronym for Histological Variable Manual Technique. Active tuberculosis Infectious skin diseases Acute venous diseases ( varicophlebitis, thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis) Malignant processes The Hivamat treatment is appropriate to an individual with Lymphedema as it is extremely relaxing and enables the individual to obtain an effective deep tissue massage without feeling any pain or discomfort that is associated with the condition and aids the quick recovery of the skin tissues.
This effect will not even be reduced when applying minimal external pressure thus enabling the application e. Shop with confidence. Role of HIVAMAT ® 200 ( deep oscillation) in the treatment of the lymphedema of the limbs Article in European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems· January with 1, 068 Reads. I use it on clients and on myself and my family ( and have also used it on the dog, and a couple of horses over the years! Hivamat machine for mld. For copies of a user list or research studies, send an email to com.

In the patients treated by additional HIVAMAT®, the pain scores decreased significantly. Treatment with the HIVAMAT 200 can improve ones chances of a better recovery following a mastectomy and can help treat problems such as lymphedema and fibroid build- up from surgery. HIVAMAT® 200 - explanation of how the therapy works and the fields of application it is successfully applied. Hivamat is an acronym for Histological Variable Manual Technique. When applying DEEP OSCILLATION® the tissue will be thoroughly " kneaded" by mechanical force.

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